Unbound for Mac

Unbound for Mac

A Faster, Simpler Photo Manager.

Browse, Organize, Play Slideshows, and More

Up to 3x Faster than iPhotoSpeed

Unbound was designed with speed as a priority. Everything from the initial app launch to scrolling through your thumbs is incredibly responsive. Access photos whenever you want without having to wait.

Easy OrganizationEasy Organization

Unbound keeps your photo organization simple. Use albums to group your photos and easily find them later. Instant search puts any album within a few taps of your keyboard.

Your Files. Right Where You Left Them

File System as Library

Save Space

Unbound doesn't create a separate photo library like other photo apps. Instead, Unbound uses your existing file structure to create its albums. That means your photos aren't duplicated and you save space.

Easy & Direct Access

Using the file structure also means that you can edit, copy, delete, and move your photos using the Finder, Photoshop, or any other app. Unbound watches the files and stays perfectly up-to-date.

One Place for All Your Photos

Sync all your Devices using Drobpox

Effortlessly Sync Using Dropbox

Do you want to sync your photo albums with your iPhone, iPad or even multiple Macs? Combine Unbound with Dropbox and you can organize and upload your photos from anywhere and have the changes automatically synced to all your devices. Learn more about syncing with Dropbox.

All the Details You Expect

Play slideshows, view all exif data, and even view photo locations on a map.

Play Slideshows
View Exif Data
Location on Map
Share your Photos

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